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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Tomas Melero-Smith who was born in California on February 11, 1988 and passed away on September 01, 2007 at the age of 19. We will remember him forever.
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Tributes and Condolences
Send me an Angel   / Elisabeth Alejandre (Cousin)
It's so hard to say good bye...but I know it's see you later! I keep thinking this is all a dream, and just maybe tomorrow you will walk out your room and get hungry! Either you were in your room or with your best friends everytime we came ...  Continue >>
Empty without you   / Alicia Melero (Mother)
Its"s been four years without you mijo. I try very hard to keep going. but at times you not being here overwhelms me. I look at your pictures and want so much to see you and hold you again. I wonder how i can find strength to go on.  My lif...  Continue >>
Deeply saddened   / Ana Ordaz (none)
To the families and friends of Tomas Melero-Smith, First of all, I commend you for such a beautiful site and for all your hard work to keep his memory alive.  Words feel inadequate at a time like this.  I can't imagine the sorrow.  ...  Continue >>
miss u mas   / Charles Meyers (friend)
jump straight into it.miss u mas i appreciate the song u did n tried to suprise for me.i love u n miss u.sorry i couldnt make it cause i was gone but i know u see me n look over me.n hope n know u do the same for all of us still down here.till we mee...  Continue >>
Unreal...  / Veronica Martinez-Melero (Sister-in-Law)
Tomas, we will soon meet in heaven.  Where our final resting place will be.  Your temporary assignment has ended but has begun in eternity.  Our life here on earth is a mist, a fast runner, a breath, and a wisp of smoke.  &qu...  Continue >>
Damn / Wayne Saindon (Friend)    Read >>
u will be missed but NOT forgotten cuzo  / Victor Ramirez (cousin)    Read >>
Tia y mi Familia,  / Cristina Martinez (Cousin/Sister)    Read >>
Mi muy sentido pesame.  / Jorge Gabriel Martinez (Primo-in-law)    Read >>
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His legacy
2/10/08 Dinner in Remeberance of Tomas 20th B Day  
A Dinner will take place this Sunday 2/10/08 in remberance of Tomas 20th Birthday. It, will be an intimate evening with family, friends, and community.
February 7, 2008  
To continue the life legacy of Tomas Melero Smith the family, friends, community, local organizations, City Council Desley Brooks, Kaboom, and Crystler joined forces to creat a park in the name of Tomas here in East Oakland (65th Avenue). The park which stood before and empty lot on 65th avenue is now a safe heaven where children and youth in the community can play and enjoy the newly beautiful Tomas Melero Smith Peace Park in Unity. A month long planning process was completed with the building of the park on February 7, 2008 from 8:00am to 3:pm with over 300 volunteers to make this park possible. Tomas was about giving back to the community starting at a young age where youth from all parts of Oakland looked up to him as a role model and leader. His legacy as community leader will continue thru this park and many more projects to come in his memory.

Dia de Los Muertos Oakland 2007 & Events where Tomas was honored.  
In memory of Tomas and in honor of all that he stood for he was represented with a beautiful altar created by family and loved ones at this years festival in the Fruitvale Distict.  He will forever be remembered and never forgotten. Each day we live to keeping his legacy alive in our hearts and thru community events. Family and friends now were buttons on their clothes where ever they go to represent Tomas and the violence in Oakland "No Mas Por Tomas". Mijo you will always be here with us in spirit and in memory thru our hearts. We love you!!!

An Altar was also placed at the Oakland Museum in recognition of those loved ones lost to violence in Oakland for Dia de Los Muertos.

A memorial Dedication and celebration was honored at the City of Oakland's Office of Parks and Recreation's Carmen FLores Center at Josie de la Cruz Park. There was music by the flores family Mio & Tony, Johnnie de la Cruz, Manny Roa and Friends, Food provided my Ignacio owner of Mi Linda Matzalan Rest on Fruitvale. An altar was set up as many shared memories of Tomas. We concluded the cerimony with a tree planting in memory of Tomas at the park. In attendance were family, friends, Ignacio de la Fuente Council Member, Audree Jones Taylor Parks and Rec. Director, Paul Bates Rec. Supervisor, and many who loved Tomas.
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Senior Portrait 2007
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