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Send me an Angel  / Elisabeth Alejandre (Cousin)
It's so hard to say good bye...but I know it's see you later! I keep thinking this is all a dream, and just maybe tomorrow you will walk out your room and get hungry! Either you were in your room or with your best friends everytime we came over. I remember seeing you more than twice in our last encounters, besides your Graduation party! You didn't want to groove with us girl's, we can get pretty wild on the dance floor, right Trina? I remember seeing you at the Puerto Rican Festival in SJ, I was working at my at&t booth and you were working it too! Going around and around the HP can be very tiring! LOL! What I really want to say, is that you grew up so fast! I don't understand why the good go first...I stare at my son and I see you! You guys are very handsome! You are missed so much, so many tears, smiles and laughter just about you! I wish I can turn the time and make you come back! I believe God has his reasons for such things not to exist, but I can tell you that you are dearly missed!
Tia Licha, Cousins-Trina, Marcy, Marcy & Martin
I love you guys and care deeply for all of you. If there is anything...anything, you know I am here.  He was raised with lot's of love from  all of you. It was always Tomas & Lil Anthony who mattered the most, because we knew that they were the young men of the house, they needed all the love they can get, and they got it among all woman, and they Tomas turned to be one of the good ones. We ask ourself's why do the good one's go first? The answer is up there, only he knows why. Just remember that you didn't fail or deserve the loss of your loved ones, we all are God's children in borrowed time. Just a thought...we know that he continues to be that young man that you made him. He is our Angel from above. He is with God now, and he is with us always, just knock in your heart and he will be there.
Empty without you  / Alicia Melero (Mother)  Read >>
Empty without you  / Alicia Melero (Mother)
Its"s been four years without you mijo. I try very hard to keep going. but at times you not being here overwhelms me. I look at your pictures and want so much to see you and hold you again. I wonder how i can find strength to go on.  My life is empty without you. I just want you back. God please bring my baby back. iI love him so. Close
Deeply saddened  / Ana Ordaz (none)  Read >>
Deeply saddened  / Ana Ordaz (none)

To the families and friends of Tomas Melero-Smith,

First of all, I commend you for such a beautiful site and for all your hard work to keep his memory alive. 

Words feel inadequate at a time like this.  I can't imagine the sorrow.  I see how much he will be missed by many, how much he was loved and that it hasn't and will never be the same without him. 

My sincere condolences and hearfelt symphathy goes out to each and one of you.  Please know that we are thinking of you and that you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

I'm sure I am probably one of the least persons you'd like to hear from at this time but please know that our wish and hope is that you all find peace and serenity.  Also, please know that we are willing to help and would like to cooperate in any way.  I personally would like it if it's at all possible that sometime in the near future; all the families unite against the violence in Oakland and help the youth overcome constant pressure.    

With caring concern, and sincere feelings,

Ana Ordaz and family 

miss u mas  / Charles Meyers (friend)  Read >>
miss u mas  / Charles Meyers (friend)
jump straight into it.miss u mas i appreciate the song u did n tried to suprise for me.i love u n miss u.sorry i couldnt make it cause i was gone but i know u see me n look over me.n hope n know u do the same for all of us still down here.till we meet again mas.i miss u brah Close
Unreal... / Veronica Martinez-Melero (Sister-in-Law)  Read >>
Unreal... / Veronica Martinez-Melero (Sister-in-Law)
Tomas, we will soon meet in heaven.  Where our final resting place will be.  Your temporary assignment has ended but has begun in eternity.  Our life here on earth is a mist, a fast runner, a breath, and a wisp of smoke.  "For we were born but yesterday...Our days on earth are as transient as a shadow." 
You are dearly missed but you're in a better place. 
Your Brothers heart is broken and misses you so...he wished he had one more day with you to tell you he loves you.  It's been one year since you've passed and it feels like yesterday.  All the memories relived over and over again in his mind and heart.  It's torturing for him not having you here by his side.  His only satisfaction is that we will soon meet in our homeland in heaven. 
We love you Tomas.
Vero, Alexis, David and Your Brother! 




Damn / Wayne Saindon (Friend)  Read >>
Damn / Wayne Saindon (Friend)
Im sorry that you had to leave to so early bruh. We miss you everyday , theirs not one day where i dont think about you man. I wish i could made a track with you. But all I can do is write one for you man in yo memory . Rest In Peace Tomas Close
u will be missed but NOT forgotten cuzo  / Victor Ramirez (cousin)  Read >>
u will be missed but NOT forgotten cuzo  / Victor Ramirez (cousin)

i know ur watching over us protecting us tomas. i jus wish this was all a in peace cuzo

This couldnT be any hareder... from expierence i know it's hard to lose someone you love and cherished all these years... im sorry for all the pain you are goin through but just remember he is look at you from heaven and he is know our gardien angel. You your family and tomas are in my prayers and will remain in ma heart and mind... may god help ypu in your time of need. [r.i.p] Tomas melero-smith

-Michelle gonzalez Close
Tia y mi Familia,  / Cristina Martinez (Cousin/Sister)  Read >>
Tia y mi Familia,  / Cristina Martinez (Cousin/Sister)

My heart goes out to my family...especially to my Tia Lisha, I am so sorry for your lose. No parent should have to bury their baby, but you did. Throughout the sadness, pain, and hurt, you have been so strong for everyone. I cold never imagine how you must feel or what you are going through, but you have been the strongest of us all. I love you tia and if you ever you need anything, I am always here...I love you Tia. Thank you for giving us our angel, eventhough it was such a short period of time. You raised a beautiful son who will always be remembered.  Rest in paradise Tomas. I'll always love you. You'll remain in my heart forever.

-Cristina Martinez

Mi muy sentido pesame.  / Jorge Gabriel Martinez (Primo-in-law)  Read >>
Mi muy sentido pesame.  / Jorge Gabriel Martinez (Primo-in-law)

My heart goes out to the entire Melero family in this difficult time.  The strength and courage you have shown in dealing with this tragedy is truly worthy of admiration. Your actions speak volumes of the wonderful family Tomas was blessed to have enjoyed in his all-too brief time on earth.  Know that you can always count on my support with anything related to keeping Tomas' memory alive and transforming his death into a catalyst to affect and inspire change for the better for all people in cities like Oakland that are plagued with violence through-out the nation.  Try and remain strong and let me know if there is anything that I can do to help.  I hope that time will mend the many painful wounds that this one senseless act of violence has caused. May peace be with you from here on out.

Con todo respeto,